Appraisal Data Entry Services

Appraisal Report Typing

Suntel Global understands that Appraisal Data entry could be time consuming for real estate appraisers Nationwide.

We believe in providing accurate Appraisal Data Entry Services to appraisers with a decade old experience working with appraisers nationwide.

We help the appraisers concentrate on their core competency whilst taking care of their non-core data entry services, which is helping millions of appraisers increase their productivity bearing in mind the cost effectiveness and expansion.

The services are provided nationwide 24*7*365 days assisting the appraisers accurately enter data into appraisal reports; such as inspection sheet data, subject details, comps, listings, sketches, etc. We support all software: a la mode, WinTOTAL, Aurora, TOTAL 2013, ACI Reports, SFREP, AppraiseIT, and ClickFORMS.

The appraisers can concentrate on getting more work done for their existing clients thus bring in more work from new clients by appraising more properties and cutting their costs and providing exceptional turn around which is a total win- win situation for the real estate industry.

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1• The Appraiser does the field inspection.

2• The Appraiser prepares and sends us all the data.

3• Suntel will enter all the data the appraiser provided.

4• The Appraiser analyzes and is done with the report.

Appraiser will send Us:

1• A Cloned template file

2• MLS of the subject property and comps.

3• Public/tax records from NDC or RealQuest or County Assessor's website.

4• Home inspection sheet.

5• Home inspection sheet.

6• Rough draft sketch.

7• 1004MC data.

8• Any relevant data, such as contract or PUD details.

Appraiser gets from us::

1• All subject and comps data pre-filled.

2• Almost completed report software file ready for adjustments and valuations.

Pricing and Service Level:

$11.99 per report for a 24 hour turn around.
$14.99 per report for a 12 hour turn around.
ETA is also customised as per the requirement.
Any Appraisal Report (For example, UAD URAR 1004, 1025, 1073, 2055, or 2090.)
24 hours Support and Service
Zero set up charge and no hidden fees
FREE Sketch - send us a rough draft and we will draw a sketch at no extra charge.
Monthly Billing - pay online by credit card, PayPal, or Online.
Single POC for a timely response.