Suntel Global is an offshore staffing Logistics solution company with offices in India. We are your turn-key access to an effective offshore team that will help you (1) reduce costs and (2) expand in ways you never thought possible. dedicated to provide knowledge and excellence in an environment of integrity and courtesy to the customers with technical expertise and thorough domain understanding to a wide spectrum of outsourcing services.

We have agents who are cherry picked from the best organizations with tons of experience in the Logistics Service.

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Experience unparalleled service, from beginning
to final construction.

Our Customized Solutions

At Suntel Global, we are committed to helping our clients build effective virtual teams – not remote problems. Our solutions are based on your exact requirements and are geared towards helping your business objectives.

Customer Connect:

Enhance client experience, increase client retention, loyalty and profitability at a fraction of U.S. costs.

Executive Virtual Assistance

When an assistant across the globe can manage your calendar, make and receive calls on your behalf, generate additional revenue for the company and efficiently complete all the non-core back office work with complete precision, and accuracy that will keep your customers happy, there is no reason to settle for less than the full support you need!

Strategic Logistics Outsourcing with Suntel Global

Re-Assess How Your Business Operates

Hire four for the price of one. Get access to skilled expertise, and save over 40% on costs almost immediately! Hiring Suntel Global associates will allow you to reduce overhead expenses and be more cost-competitive as you save on manpower, infrastructure and technology. Increase overall efficiency and productivity. How do you get more things done without spending a lot of money? WHY PAY MORE?? Outsource with Suntel Global, and allocate non-core tasks to your offshore team. Sharing the workload with the same precision and efficiency will allow your onshore staff to perform efficiently, and produce better results in-house. • Get ahead of the cut throat competition and stay abreast: As the world shrinks, virtual teams that capitalize on cost differentials will continue to become more compelling. Think about it: if your competition is saving in ways that you’re not, then over a period of time, your business can be at risk!


Tariff/Rate/Contract Management (Ocean, TL, LTL and Small Parcels
  • Setting up rates in different templates and online software’s.
  • Interpret announcement/amendments received from different carriers.
  • Rate Filing: NVOCC/VOCC/CHB.
  • Documentation (BOL/Certificate of Origin etc)
  • Tracking & Tracing.
  • (ISF 10 + 2)/AES/SED/AMS.
  • AP and AR.
  • Pre-alert notification.
  • Inland Transportation Management.
  • Customer support.

Export Documentation

Making a booking online or via phone.
  • Entry of Booking Confirmation.
  • Entry of Shipping Instructions.
  • Calling Carriers for container status.
  • Entry of House Bill of Lading and creations of Master Bill of Lading.
  • Tracking & Tracing.
  • (ISF 10 + 2)/AES/SED/AMS.
  • Submit AES to US Custom.
  • Dock Receipts.
  • SED.
  • Invoicing.

Import Documentation

ISF filling in various software’s such as IES and EDI Trade
  • Pre-alert.
  • AMS conversion.
  • Quote Request.
  • Updating OBL and Arrival Notice.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • POD.
  • New shipments upload (FCL, LCL).
  • 3PL/Freight Forwarders.
  • Freight Bill Processing.
  • Bill of Lading Processing.

Lead Generation and Documentation

Fetching Database from various websites.
  • Verifying the Database by calling customers.
  • Calling the companies and explaining them the services.
  • Importing database in Software.
  • Sending E-Brochure and Service Emails.
  • Container, Chassis and Trailers Selling.
  • Fetching Database from various websites.
  • Calling buyers to generate sale.
  • Invoicing.