Appraisal Services

Appraisal Services

Being Pioneers in the Appraisal QC Review services, our quality control and review department has many years of experience working with all types of appraisers, loan types, and lenders. They have demonstrated the knowledge and understanding of an appraisal and its purpose in the lending industry. We use an expansive checklist for our lender clients ensuring each point are thoroughly checked from an appraisal standpoint. This enables them to analyze and review all aspects of the report with a thorough understanding of what is needed in each specific assignment.
In addition, they have the tools and information necessary to make sure that all issues are resolved within USPAP, FHA/HUD, and FNMA guidelines. We also ensure a timely Audit report is sent to each client to ensure pristine quality of work.
Further, our team is well versed with all the Appraisal Management Platforms that include- Appraisal Scope, Mercury, Value Link, Valutrac, a la mode, Global DMS, Appraisal Trax, and Anow.

We are well versed with all the product types that are mentioned below

FHA Single-Family:

This form allows you to determine a home's market value and acceptability for FHA mortgage insurance purposes. In addition to estimating value, the appraiser examines the property for any visible, obvious, and/or apparent deficiencies that may affect the safety of the property's occupants. Appraisals Quality Control Services include detailed property, site, and neighborhood descriptions, amenities and services, estimated income and expenses, replacement costs and other items included on the FHA Multifamily Summary Appraisal Form.

1073 Condo/REO:

This report form is designed to report an appraisal of a unit in a condominium project or a condominium unit in a planned unit development (PUD) based on an interior and exterior inspection of the subject property. REO includes an Addendum, which provides an itemized cost of repairs as well as an "as-is" and "as-repaired" value.

2055 Exterior Quantitative Analysis:

This report form is designed to report an appraisal of a one-unit property or one-unit property with an accessory unit, including a unit in a planned unit development (PUD), based on an exterior-only inspection of the subject property from at least the street. This report does not cover an appraisal of a manufactured home or unit in a condominium or cooperative project.

Land Appraisal:

Used for evaluating vacant land and land-only appraisals that exclude structure values. The report provides a location map, photographs, three comparable sales, and a detailed description of the site, history, including, tax information, zoning, and surrounding neighborhood.

2000 Residential Appraisal Field Review:

A lender uses this form for the spot-check appraisal component of its quality control process. This appraisal field review report is intended to provide the lender/client with an opinion on the accuracy of the appraisal report under review.

1007 Rent Schedule:

The lender uses this form to obtain the market rent for a conventional single-family investment property.

216 Operating Income Statement:

This form determines the amount of operating income that can be used in evaluating the applicant's credit on applications for conventional mortgages that are secured by one-family investment properties and all two-to-four family properties (including those in which the applicant occupies one of the units as a principal residence).

2075 Desktop Underwriter Property Inspection Report:

Desktop Underwriter's enhanced risk assessment capability enables the use of the Desktop Underwriter Property Inspection Report (Form 2075), which requires an exterior-only inspection of the subject property from the street by a state-licensed or state-certified appraiser without an estimate of market value for the property. Fannie Mae designed Form 2075 to be used along with an AVM to verify that the subject exists and obtain information on the neighborhood and the subject's conformity with its surroundings.

BPO(Broker Price Opinion)

Some of the factors that a broker will consider when developing a price opinion include the value of similar surrounding properties and sales trends in the neighborhood. The location of the property and its place among its surroundings factor into the opinion. Comparable listings and recent sales affect the price opinion for a property. Brokers will also take into account an estimate of any of the costs associated with getting the property ready for sale and/or the cost of any needed repairs. It is important to note that a broker's price opinion is not the same as an appraisal.

Supported Operation Features

  • 1004D Completion Report (Final Inspection)
  • 1004D Update (Recertification of Value)
  • DAIR (Disaster Area Inspection Report) Exterior (Exterior Drive By)
  • 2090 Co-op(Interior & Exterior Inspection)
  • Clerical Change / Correction Request / ROV (No Inspection – just revisions to report)

Appraisal Vendor Management and Customer Service

Appointment Follow up:

We act as a communication channel between the appraiser and the client to ensure the appointment date is set by the appraiser as soon as possible and if they are facing any issue we take the right action to handle the situation and keep the client updated. OR Our role here is to ensure we remind the appraiser to set the appointment date and keep the client updated about the same. We are also responsible to handle any issue that occurs in this situation.


We search the records, maps, and other documents for jurisdictions, tenures, or expressed interests by other agencies or parties for the particular property to determining rights, titles, OR We are responsible to maintain the status of a particular order according to its current progress.

Vetting New Appraisers :

Our role is to add as many as possible appraisers to your appraiser database after verifying their various documents such as W9, License, E&O, etc., or any other document required. Placement - We are responsible to find quotes for a particular order via emails and phone calls to the appraisers and then updating all the quotes received and selecting the appraiser whose quote suits the client the most.
Appraiser updation - We ensure all the appraiser documents are up to date and if not we contact the appraiser and request them to send their latest and updated documents. We also verify the new documents and update the website with updated details.

Appraisal Vendor Management and Customer Service:

We keep the profile of a Vendor updated matching the details in the ASC site and keep the client updated about the same. We act as a communication bridge between the clients and the appraisers.

Vendor Profile Updation:

We update the details of the vendor with the latest information or any new changes made and ensure that their insurance and license are up to date


We ensure that the appraiser sets the inspection date as soon as possible and we will update the website with the inspection date provided by the appraiser and also change the status of the order.

Report Submission:

We start reminding the appraiser to submit the report one or two days before the due date. If the request for extension of the due date, we take the appropriate action as well as if they face any other issue we work on it to solve it as soon as possible. We can help them upload the report from our side as well.

Aging clearance:

We work on particular clients in the list and are responsible from placement – till uploading of the report.

Uploading Reports:

We upload the report manually or any other method available in the Appraisal Software.

Hold Process:

We keep a check on the orders if needed and place them on hold and make the necessary changes of due dates or any other changes required.

Quote Requests:

Our CSR’s will provide a quote request which will detail the client, product(s), property address, loan type, and transaction type. Suntel will take that data and enter it into a Google Spread sheet to track the request. Suntel will determine which appraisers are eligible for the potential assignment and email those appraisers for quotes. As quotes come in Suntel updates the Google Spread sheet with the appraiser’s email, quote, and turn time. CSRs will review the Google Spread sheet for options to quote their client.