Our Mortgage Process Outsourcing

Pre- Qualification Check’s
  • Review, Sort, Categorize and Label initial documentation.
  • Pre-qualify the borrower.
  • Enter Data onto software systems e.g Encompass & Point.
  • Deep analysis on documents.
Mortgage Loan Processing Services
  • We Gather mandatory documents from the Loan Officer like Intial application, borrower paystubs, W2’s, bank statements, Borrower authorization letter etc..
  • Ensure on all documents are verified as per the State & Federal Guidelines.
  • Pre Underwriting Support & Submission to the Lender.
  • Reviewing 1003, 1008, W2, paystubs, bank statements, borrower authorization letter, loan estimation etc.
  • Setting up the loan in Encompass / Calyx application.
  • Reviewing and updating the fees sections.
  • Sending Initial disclosures for FHA & VA loans to the borrower.
Loan Document Management – Ordering Services
  • Appraisal.
  • Data Conversion Services.
  • HOI.
  • Title.
  • Flood.
  • Credit Report.
  • VOE & VVOE.
Pre-Underwriting Support & Submission to Lender
  • Setting up the loan in Encompass & Calyx.
  • Data Entry & Validation of all borrower information.
  • Setting up all documents and updating all fees sections –
    • Calculating Income
    • Reviewing Asset
    • DTI Ratio
    • Credit history
    • List for missing information / documents
  • Submit the file to Lender / Underwriter to proceed with Underwriting.
Mortgage Closing Support Services
  • Pre-closing.
    • Reviewing Pay-off’s, collecting taxes, insurance & fees from the settlement company.
    • Preparing initial closing disclosure.
  • Closing.
    • Review all required documents like Appraisals, Title, Flood certificate, Inspection reports, home owner's insurance, purchase contract's and loan Estimates.
    • Reviewing closing conditions.
    • Sending the closing package.

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